About Me

In 1999, I was an enthusiastic student of the French Culinary Institute, and I was eager to put my fledgling entertaining skills to good use. My Crosby Street apartment served as backdrop to a brunch for all my friends on the first day of daylight savings time. Inspiration struck, and the biannual events I christened the “spring forward” and “fall back” brunches were born. Fourteen years later, I’m still hosting these get-togethers, and I can’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate my favorite New York seasons than by sharing my love for entertaining with old friends—and new ones at each event.

A communications professional with experience in both the financial and nonprofit worlds, I currently enjoy working with my husband, Keith Barraclough, a New York-based photographer who shoots for advertising, corporate and editorial. But when I’m not his right-hand woman, I relish the free time I have to pursue my creative, cooking and writing interests.I like to describe myself as a down-to-earth epicure with a penchant for fashion, color, and design. With this website, I hope to pass on to you a love of cooking and home entertaining without too much fuss.

Kate Lorenz

About Epicure Next Door

For a down-to-earth epicure, living in SoHo is a bit like being a kid in a candy store. Haute couture, designer furnishings, cookware and home-entertaining suppliers, and gourmet food purveyors—they all pepper the path of my daily routine. My occasional binge is fleetingly satisfying, but more often, my inner disciplinarian scolds to look (and admire) but not touch. SoHo is also where the sublime meets the ridiculous: entrepreneurial-minded sidewalk vendors hawk “authentic” movie scripts, finger puppets, and plastic Mickey Mouse bubble-makers, luring tourists that spill hazardously into prime-time traffic. And you can’t miss the celebrity-crazed fans who wait in line for hours—eyes glued to their twitter feeds—hoping for a glimpse of the latest “it” reality star to arrive at that Google map-coordinate any minute now. It’s both a cultural mecca and a circus without a ringmaster, and I pinch myself every day that I have the good fortune of living in the epicenter.

This blog is my forum to share inspirations and observations—sometimes thoughtful, often plain humorous—about cooking, entertaining, fashion, culture, and style through the lens of New York’s unique SoHo culture and life.

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